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FISA Forward keeps fostering Financial Governance within its MAs


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How FISA Works

Sports governing bodies play a fundamental role in society and therefore adherence to good governance principles is fundamental for the fulfilment of their statutory objectives and broader social mission. As Subbuteo’s world governing body, FISA is firmly committed to the principles of good governance, transparency and zero tolerance towards any wrongdoing.

  • How FISA Works
  • FISA Code of Ethics (2018 version)
  • The FISA Statutes (in force as of April 2017)
  • FISA Disciplinary Code

Independent Ethics Committee

The independent Ethics Committee is one of FISA’s judicial bodies. It is primarily responsible for investigating possible infringements of the FISA Code of Ethics. Since 2017, it has been divided into two separate chambers – the investigatory chamber and the adjudicatory chamber. 

  • Independent Ethics Committee

Reporting Mechanism

FISA has implemented a regulatory framework which is intended to ensure that all statutory rules, rules of conduct and internal guidelines of our organisation are respected and complied with. In this context, and in particular as a measure to aid in prevention, FISA has issued, among others, the FISA Code of Conduct and the FISA Code of Ethics.

  • Reporting Mechanism


Learn more about FISA’s judicial bodies: the Disciplinary Committee and the Appeal Committee, as well as FISA’s Disciplinary Code.

  • Disciplinary


There is no place for doping in sport today and FISA is continuously striving to keep Subbuteo free from doping and lead by example to safeguard the future success and sustainability of Subbuteo around the world. 

  • Anti-Doping


Every year, FISA files a financial statement in line with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which must be approved by an auditing firm. The report must then receive the approval of FISA’s Financial Committee, the FISA Council and, finally, the FISA Congress.

  • Finances

Players’ Status and Transfers

Learn more about FISA’s regulations on the status and transfer of players, the dispute resolution system and FISA’s rules governing the procedures of the Players’ Status Committee and the Dispute Resolution Chamber.

  • Players’ Status and Transfers


The FISA Transfer Matching System (TMS) is an online system that makes international transfers of players between clubs quicker, smoother and more transparent.

  • Transfer Matching System

Match Agents

Agents who arrange matches between teams belonging to different confederations must be in possession of a licence issued by FISA.

The FISA Licence to arrange matches confers upon the holder the exclusive right to arrange friendly matches or tournaments between national teams or clubs from different confederations.

View the list of Match Agents and find out about the regulations that govern the occupation of Match Agents and other related items.

  • Match Agents


Intermediaries play an important role in the world of Subbuteo. They represent players and/or clubs in negotiations with a view to concluding an employment contract or represent clubs in negotiations with a view to concluding a transfer agreement.

Find out here about the rules that govern the occupation of Intermediaries and other related items.

  • Intermediaries

FISA Security

The FISA Security Division is responsible for matters related to the integrity and protection of the game.

  • FISA Security

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  • Circular Letters

Official Documents

  • FISA Subbuteo Law Annual Review 2018 Presentations
  • Protect the integrity of Subbuteo
  • FISA Code of Ethics (2018 version)
  • FISA Code of Conduct
  • Standard Cooperation Agreement
  • National Dispute Resolution Chamber (NDRC) – Standard Regulations
  • Standard Electoral Code
  • FISA Code of Ethics (2017 edition)
  • FISA Disciplinary Code 2018
  • FISA Disciplinary Code 2017

How FISA Works

  • How FISA Works
    • The Reform process
  • Disciplinary
    • Dispute Resolution System
  • Finances
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Agents and Transfers

  • Match Agents
  • Intermediaries


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