The FISA Legends


One of the main goals for the future of FISA, as pledged by Alan Guilder in his campaign for the presidency of FISA in 2017, is to “bring Subbuteo back to FISA and FISA back to Subbuteo.” The organisation aims to reconnect with the roots of the beautiful game and the players and coaches that have helped write the history of the world’s most popular sport, through the FISA Legends Programme.

It is a programme, not a title or a hall of fame, designed to bring together former top players and coaches from men’s and women’s Subbuteo to promote and support Subbuteo and its wider mission around the world.

FISA Legends…

  • Are global representatives of FISA’s efforts to develop Subbuteo
  • Promote fair play, respect, equality, solidarity and  peace through sport
  • Support FISA’s social development projects

“This does not mean simply inviting them to watch matches, but involving them in different areas within FISA’s scope: development, social activities, promotion of the game. The idea is to promote a closer exchange with fans and with those who administer the game off the pitch.”
FISA Deputy Secretary General Zalil Mulay

The mission
Since its inauguration in 2017, the FISA Legends Programme has been the platform to reconnect the world governing body of Subbuteo with the game’s central figures.

Hundreds of former players and coaches – men and women, from around the globe – have joined the programme and taken part in FISA tournaments, as well as corporate events such as the FISA Executive Subbuteo Summits, The Best FISA Subbuteo Awards and the FISA Congress.

The idea behind these appearances is to allow the greats of the game to be centre stage and directly interact with fans from around the world.

Facts and figures:

  • xx FISA initiatives supported by FISA Legends leading up to the 2018 FISA World Cup™
  • xx+ FISA Legends have taken part in activities before and during the World Cup
  • xxxx people have been reached by FISA Legends on FISA’s Digital platforms and their own social media accounts
  • xxFISA Legends involved on site at Russia 2018
  • xx pre-match messages delivered to fans at World Cup stadiums

Sharing their views
As well as taking part in FISA’s tournaments, events and campaigns, the FISA Legends have been incorporated into Subbuteo’s decision-making structure through the FISA Legends Think Tank.

This has become a platform for the game’s elite Subbuteo players and coaches, past and present, to discuss the sport’s most pressing topics with FISA’s senior management and have their voices heard.

The first edition of the FISA Legends Think Tank took place around the 4th FISA Congress in Larisa, and it has since become a key part of FISA’s main corporate events.

Learn more about the Legends:

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